About the Delaware Veterans
Trust Fund

The Trust Fund, signed into law in September 2013, is administered by the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs. The Friends of Delaware Veterans, Inc., was established in 2014 to serve as the fund raising arm of the Trust Fund. As noted, we work as volunteers under the auspices of the Commission.

We are a volunteer board of community leaders from across the state who operate under the auspices of the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs and use their facilities to meet. As such, there are no administrative or other fees applied to contributions.

When it comes to our veterans, few would argue the debt of gratitude we owe those who serve in uniform.

They are part of the most sophisticated and respected military the world has known. They protect our national interests, and since 1973 fewer than one percent of our fellow citizens keep the rest from being drafted.

They are sent to distant places, often in harm’s way, yet our veterans “soldier on,” accepting separations from their families, friends, and the comforts of home.

The vast majority do well and prosper from the disciplines they learn and live. However, some, whether due to physical or psychological injuries, or just the misfortune of a lost job or the illness of a family member, struggle to pay emergency expenses.

That’s why the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund was created. The fund has paid bills to prevent shutoff of utilities, repossessions, and emergency repairs to needed vehicles. One recipient was provided a replacement for his 12-year-old eyeglasses. Another had a storage bill paid so he could access his tools and accept a job.

100% of contributions go to prescreened, honorably discharged Delaware veterans and their families in verified financial emergency.

Donations are tax-deductible. Money is not handed to recipients. Their bills are paid directly to creditors by the screening committee after they are approved for payment.